Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pretty good weekend and a BIG announcement!

I wrote this nearly a week and a half ago, but forgot to post it. So, when it says Sunday, keep in mind that is not this past Sunday but the week before... Sorry for any confusion that may cause!

Not sure how to start all this, so I will start with our weekend plans. Our weekend was looking to be a bit of a bummer when Friday came along. Our oldest had to head back to his University after a very short visit. We have become accustomed to having him home for a couple of months during the summer, but things are different this year. He is getting ready to start his Senior year, can't believe he will be graduating next year! So, this summer he has to get his internship done. On top of interning, he has football training to get ready for this upcoming season. He has a lot of work ahead of him to condition for this Fall, especially after being post op from a second straight shoulder rebuild. If this was not enough he has summer school, physics 1 & 2, as well as working to pay for all his gas and extras. Words can not describe how proud we are of him. He's worked hard, made the Dean's list, he's always taken at least 18 credits each semester on top of working and football.

Friday night, we got a message from a very close family friend that she was having emergency surgery on Saturday morning. We went to the hospital to keep her family company on Saturday, during the surgery, only to find it was postponed till today(Sunday). Thank GOD, the surgery was not as complicated as the Surgeons had expected, no complications and she is recovering well. She will get all the test results hopefully within the next couple of days. We are now praying that our friends pathology reports come back benign.

If this was not enough for a Friday...The sweet gal that we have been talking to for a few weeks, became sick from the antibiotics her dentist gave her for her upcoming appointment. Poor baby, she was in a lot of pain and really sick to her stomach. She was worried about being sick, as she was looking forward to a get together with some of her best friends the next day. We prayed for her health to return and for her to be able to hang out with her friends.....Well, it kinda worked. They came over and I think they had a good time. I know not exactly the way they probably wanted, but anytime you are with friends it is good........So, enough with the bad you see I said it was looking like a bummer weekend.

So, lets get to why made it pretty good. Our son got back safely and is excited for his upcoming internship. Our family friend, had a safe trip to the operating room without any complications and our sweet gal is getting over her antibiotic induced illness. To add to this, here we are in mid May and the windows are still open. In Arizona, that is a great thing....full time A/C season is coming. Its something we dread, because then we will not crack the windows till late September or October.

Can I add to this? Sure I can....we had a great family weekend. Laid low, but we had fun. The boys and I got our best friend back on Friday....The Xbox!! The boys did a special beta test with Microsoft, while using the program it damaged our console... What did Microsoft do? Replaced it with a brand new one! We sent ours back so they could learn how the updated caused the problem, they in turn sent us a brand new one. The boys were a little worried because their X-Box was a special Halo limited edition, but Microsoft replaced it with the exact same special edition. Good deal, especially since our unit was off warranty and the new one came with another warranty. Certainly can not complain about that! So, we played some games this weekend and had a blast. We also watched hockey and I grilled this weekend....

What can be better than family time, Hockey, gaming, nice weather and good food? I can answer this for ya......I can officially and very proudly say that we have an "official" potential sisterwife! This evening,(Sunday)I asked her if she would be comfortable with being called our potential and she agreed that it would be fitting! Marsa and I are both excited to make this announcement! We really could not be happier with her and I would like to thank GOD for bringing her into our lives! As I have stated in my prior post, I do believe she was GOD sent. It is really hard to explain it here in words, but I will give it shot. When you meet your soulmate,in my case a second soulmate, you just know it! I think soulmates are a gift from GOD. It is for us as human mortals to recognize the gift that He has bestowed upon us. I knew it from the first moment I saw Marsa, I knew that she and I were meant to be. You may ask how this can be, after all at the time I was just a kid in high school... What can I say? YOU JUST KNOW IT!! I am so thankful that God equipped me with the ability to recognize that Marsa was the right one for me. Shortly after, I drove out to see my grandparents and talked to them about it... I explained the special feeling I had and they saw that sparkle in my eyes. Then and there I told them she was the one, that I was going to marry her one day... 21 years later I know that I was right, and I have not been proven wrong. The same thing goes with our gal....Who in GODS name tries sending a rejected email 4 times to total strangers? I can tell you, I am an impatient bugger! I would probably quit after 1 shot, 2 at the most. But something told her we were worth trying again, that something I believe is GOD compelling her to not quit. I will always remember this story.... I believe that it is something the 3 of us will be telling our kids and grandkids someday! Every since that day we emailed and did some online chatting... We text constantly like a bunch of teens. We have so much in common, I can't describe the feeling in words, but it is fantastic! I've had this feeling before, but only with Marsa. What is even better, Marsa has this same feeling about her that I do.

This weekend with her besties, she even had them read over our 2 blogs. Her friends were a bit skeptical on our true intentions, I can't say as I blame them. The internet is not always a safe place, its important to be very careful. I commend her friends for being protective! I know I would be as well! So many people think that Polygamy is only sexual in nature...that US men are pervert, looking for a way to cheat on our current wife or wives. It is so far from the truth, while I cqan't speak for everyone. I know that in my case that is not who I am....Then there are those that think if its not just for the man, then maybe the couple are swingers trying to lure in a women into something for their pleasure. Let me tell you right here and now, that is not Polygamy. Those of us that are involved in true polygamy are in it for other reasons..... In my case, I know that we have been called to it, I have said this before and I will say it again....I prayed, fasted and asked for guidance on this mater. I do believe this is our calling, I believe she is our soulmate.

With all this said, we are not going to rush things. We are going to get to know each other much much better. We are not going to be like some people and be like, Oh we have talked for a couple of months, lets get hitched. Nope, marriage is forever and I do mean forever. It is my firm belief that marriage is eternal,not as the marriage vows state...."Till death do us part". I/WE believe that when we pass we are still married and waiting for one another on the other side. When I die, I am not going to be leaving my wife/wives and children behind....I will just be waiting for them to join me in Heaven. Love and marriage is not just an EARTH is spiritual and everlasting. Why would GOD give us this wonderful sacrament only to have it ripped away once we give up our flesh? It is our flesh that dies, not our spirit/soul. I don't know, maybe those who do not have soulmates will not have the same heavenly bond? I cannot answer that one. But I do believe that soulmates are bonded forever...IF THEY FIND THEMSELVES in this lifetime. When God gave Eve to Adam, they were in the Garden of Eden, there was no death and yet they were expected to be partnered forever. Okay, I kind of went really deep on this...sorry. I have said this in the past I know, I can go on and on......

To close this up.... Our short journey of knowing her so far has been wonderful! If everything works out and this is truly GODS intended path for the 3 of us....I never want it to end for the 3 of us. I know it will only get better once we finally are able to visit one another.....Did I mention she has the greatest "CWAZY" little guy? Oh well, that will have to wait for another blog.....because this one is just for the 3 adults!!!

Oh yeah, we made it official tonight(Sunday) we are "off the market"! Kind of awesome to be able to write that! I do not know how it would be said or written...When a single person is dating they are no longer single, but a couple. We are a couple already, but we have an offical potential we aren't quite yet Polygamists, a Triad, Poly or Plural..... So what the heck do you call "this" part of it? I do not know, other than in poly circles it "courting" a potential. I don't know.. All I know is that it feels fantastic and right!!! I know the 3 of us have many personal family hurdles ahead, with our parents and siblings,etc.... But oh well, if they cannot love us for who we are and what we believe in......that is up to them. If anyone has any names as to what we would be called at this point, I have open ears....

Take care all and thanks for reading....that is if anyone is reading this?!?

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